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We know that in any legal issues either, personal or professional require concentration and tie to solve this matter. Brisbane lawyer always ready to help you, either you are facing business issue or personal issue, we can guide and help you in a best way. Personal issues that we solve includes:


Personal cases:

  • Crime, criminal law:

If you are facing any criminal law case and you need help from us, don’t worry, we have access to experts who can guide you in your defence. Finding the right team is important and you have the chance to meet with our experienced team of lawyers in Brisbane, who can handle your case in a best way.


  • Buying and Selling Property:

Buying and selling a property can be one of the most important transaction that so many people will undertake. Our Brisbane lawyer teams offer a best quality of full service related to buying and selling property.


  • Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence related issues are increasing and the laws related to this issue also very active. Penalties for these issues are also increased. Our best team of lawyers Brisbane can guide you totally. To represent your case and solve your matter is our priority.


  • Family law:

As family disputes are too much complicated and sensitive issues, that require full concentration to solve it. Our Brisbane lawyers provide expert legal advice and help you in your family issues.

The services we provide are:

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce Law and Settlements of Divorce property
  • Family Mediation
  • Domestic violence applications
  • Property disputes
  • Same sex couples
  • Surrogacy law
  • Grandparents and extended family issues
  • Wills and Estates
  • Prenuptial Agreements


  • Insurance:

Insurance claims are dealt with commercial basis and most claims from the clients are paid by insurance companies, in this regard, disputes can arise and claims can be rejected for many reasons. In short, insurance related issues can be complex and hard to deal due to its complexity. There are so many limitations on the client’s complaints process but our experienced team of lawyers guide you the best advice and solve your problems.



  • Professional negligence:

Professionals such as stockbrokers, accountants, lawyers, engineers, financial advisers, just a few names, owed duties to their clients. Those responsibilities and duties are need reasonable care founded in contract and tort. The claims are generally mentioned as professional negligence but can be rely in contract or in negligence and possibly also breaches of trust. Our Brisbane lawyers each year handles so many disputes and provide best advice to them.


  • Employment Law:

Employment law is notoriously complex area of the law. Responsibilities and rights of the employers are changing and expanding to cover many issues. Our committed, confident and professional team of lawyers and can assist you with all areas of employment law.


  • Will, Disputing a Will, Contesting wills:

We have the experience team of lawyers and they provide the services related to wills, disputing a will and contesting wills and many other issues. Any kind of matter you are facing our skilled team will solve the matters.


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