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The structures of vehicles include organizations involved in assembling cars, repairing.These are repair shops or plants for the repair of heavy vehicles, points of loading and unloading goods, passenger and freight stations, refueling vehicles, bus stations, parking lots, car maintenance stations.

  • Road transport is the most common, they occupy 4/5 of all the goods transported.
  • Road transport is the process of transporting goods or passengers by mobile means on vehicles.

At the moment there are several types of transportation:

  • Freight
  • Passenger
  • Freight transport by road

Freight transport by road varies according to the following characteristics: territorial – it is inter-city such as cargo transportation on intercity, city, international, technical, inter-district and many others.The business idea of cargo transportation is quite promising and profitable. For freight brokering this is important now.

What is a mobile complex?

  • Transportation between enterprises, inside construction sites, plants are called technological transportation.
  • The movement of goods inside the city at close distances is called city traffic. A transportation of goods outside the city for a short distance is called suburban, they carry goods at a distance not exceeding 50 km.
  • There are also inter-district and inter-district transportation of goods – these are those that are carried out between or within areas, as well as to neighboring crocs and villages.
  • Flights between cities and areas, the distance between which exceeds 50 km, called inter-city.
  • International means the transportation of goods outside the country or the imported goods to the country from other countries.

They are sectoral – When the transported cargo of a certain direction (agricultural, transportation of construction materials, trade or catering), there are also postal international transit or movement of cargo for the population.Transportation, depending on the size of the lot, there are: wholesale (transportation of large quantities of goods of homogeneous) or small lots (goods transported in small quantities and different directions).Transportation depends on the time of delivery – it’s permanent, irregular or seasonal. Irregular – is the delivery of goods for a short period of time.Seasonal transportation is the transported cargo at the time of harvesting or processing, seasonally.

Regular – a type of transportation of goods that are carried out on regular basis


Passenger Transportation

  • Transportation of passengers on a certain route is often bus transportation.
  • They are urban and suburban, long-distance and international.

Among them there are agricultural routes that connect villages between each other, as well as between railway stations, and deliver them to the airport and other destinations.

  • In addition to these types of transportation, the cars produce specific types, for them not only public transport is used, but also the transport that belongs to the departmental organization.
  • Specific transportation includes: sightseeing trips, tourist, which can be: permanent or disposable, on request.

Service movements are carried out by their departmental transport, or by private carriers for the transportation of workers to the place of work or home, depending on the mode of their work.Cars are usually taxis, cars for hire for the public or used for personal purposes, or official use.

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