How Long is Your Time Limit for Making a Personal Injury Claim? Your Main Questions Answered

Those who have suffered a personal injury through someone else’s fault – whether it’s their employer’s fault, the fault of a product manufacturer, or the fault of another individual – can be eligible to make a compensation claim. As long as you can prove the negligence of the other entity and show that they are to blame, then you can receive the compensation you deserve. But one big question for those seeking compensation is: how long is the time limit for making a personal injury claim? Here’s what you need to know when it comes to the time limit for claiming compensation.


The time limit for making a claim


Whether you have suffered a workplace burn injury, a road traffic accident injury, or a cosmetic or beauty treatment injury, there is a specific time limit for filing compensation. In the majority of cases, the time limit for claiming compensation for a personal injury is three years. However, the date this time limit will start will often depend on your particular situation and the circumstances surrounding your illness or injury.

image00The difference between the limit of three years and the date of knowledge

In a situation where your injury was clearly due to an accident and you were fully aware of your injury from the date of that accident, then your limit of three years for pursuing a claim will begin from the actual accident date.

There is another circumstance, however, which can affect the time limit of pursuing a claim. This is when you may not immediately know about or be aware of an injury after an accident or after being exposed to something which is hazardous. For instance, some workplace-related injuries cannot be traced to one singular event – they are, instead, traced to a series of situations or circumstances, such as being in an environment with no proper protection or ventilation for many years. This is where the ‘date of knowledge’ comes in – the actual date when you find out that you have an injury through certain circumstances or environments – and your time limit for pursuing a compensation claim will begin from this date.

To summarise it even further, the date of knowledge often begins when you notice symptoms of personal injury or when you begin to suspect that you have an illness or injury. The date of knowledge can also begin when you receive a diagnosis from a medical professional.

Whether you are making a claim for burn compensation (where the time limit often starts from the date of the accident itself) or making a claim for hearing loss or vision impairment due to years of exposure or a lack of protection – know that a good solicitor should give you the proper guidance in order to have a successful claim.

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