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Increase engine power of the car – the task is fully executable. Each of the options that are used in this process, has its own share and shortages. Give them a way to increase how to increase them, on the basis of the methods used by the service centres, Ultramar reports.

Allow the engine to increase the engine displacement amount by increasing the cylinder diameter. It is also made by replacing the shaft of the shaft on the other, which has the greatest progress. Impermeable, sober immobilizer imposes a significant increase in torsional momentum.

Despite the fact that this procedure is suitable for any vehicle, it has serious shortages. First, the overall efficiency of the engine suffers, and, secondly, fuel rises.

Increase the degree of compression

You can do this in a simple way – by reducing the height of the lower section of the cylinder head with the help of the cutter. Thus, the volume of the combustion chamber is less.

There is another way – it is necessary to establish the masses, the upper part of which is more convex. Apart from this, there is the possibility of installing a modifiable differential shaft. In this case, the heightening effects of compression rates are improved due to the fact that the valves are closed with a lock.

With an increase in the degree of compression, the power and efficiency of the engine are increased. At the same time, fuel consumption is reduced. However, take into account that, in the future, it is necessary to carefully and thoroughly clean the petrol tank, using more high-grade octane numbers. In contrast, the risk of discrimination is significantly increased.

Chip tuning

With better chip tuning, engine power can be increased by 5 to 20%. The essence of the process is to change the control signals, which are transferred from the chip to the main devices of the vehicle. Other words, parts of the machine do not start, changes are made only with programs. In addition to increasing power, the results of chip tuning are:

– Negligible reduction of fuel consumption, but only in the case of the casting of the rewired firmware. There are such stitching, which can reduce the amount of gasoline, but this can cause loss of dynamism;

– improvement of machine dynamism and its control

But it follows knowledge of the omissions of this procedure:

– on a machine-based machine, chip tuning is not used, it is available only for an engineering machine;

– causes an increase in the engine’s sensitivity to high temperature in the summertime;

– possibly significant increase in the contents of the exhaust gases;

– The engine propulsion is reduced due to a decrease in the diaphragm of its inaccuracy to the fuel quality, which leads to detonation and, because of the heat of the projectile body, which leads to detonation.

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