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How to Respond to a Drug Arrest

The possession and distribution of illegal drugs is taken seriously in Maryland. If you have been arrested for this crime, you are in trouble and should immediately seek legal advice. Such an arrest can be stressful and strenuous. The authorities may pressure you into giving them a confession or they may get you to speak about the circumstances leading up to your arrest in an effort to trap you into saying something incriminating.

Preserving and Protecting Your Rights

The authorities may promise that things will go easier for you if you tell them what they want to know. You should remain silent. You are innocent until proven guilty, you are protected by the Constitution, and you should exercise your Fifth Amendment right not to say anything that will endanger your defense.

Once your Criminal Defense Attorney arrives, they will advise you on the questions you have to answer. If you are not up to speaking to the police, your lawyer can speak on your behalf.

The main job of your lawyer is to preserve your rights and protect your interests. The first thing they will do is review the evidence the police have against you. Law enforcement officials often claim to have more evidence against the people they have in custody than they actually do. If the authorities do not have sufficient evidence to hold you, your attorney will arrange for your release.

Mounting Your Defense

If you are not guilty of what you have been accused of, your lawyer will go immediately to work attacking state’s evidence. They will subject the prosecution’s case to the most rigorous scrutiny and demonstrate the many flaws, errors, and shortcomings in it.

It is the practice of the police to put a person or place under surveillance as part of a larger investigation. You may have been with the person or in the place that they were investigating, and you may have been scooped up along with everyone else who was there. Being associated with people or places under criminal investigation proves nothing about your own conduct.
You should not be pressured into pleading guilty for a crime that you did not commit. Your lawyer will take all necessary measures to ensure that you do not.

If You Are Guilty

Everyone makes mistakes. You may have made poor choices that put you in a bad situation. However, you need not give up hope. Even if the state can link you to the possession or distribution of drugs, there is still a chance for things to go your way. The authorities may be investigating a larger criminal enterprise and the figures in it, and they believe that you can provide information that will help them. Your lawyer can negotiate with police and prosecutors. They can strike a deal in which you tell them what you know and they recommend a lighter or reduced sentence.

If you have been arrested for a drug crime, you need representation straightaway. Only an experienced and highly skilled lawyer can get an outcome that is favorable to you.

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