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Translation Services Japan – Why you need a guarantee for your translation projects

And, by guarantee I mean a comprehensive guarantee, with teeth!

Purchased a product, such as a computer, recently? Then you know that it came with a guarantee against defects which you could exercise if you were not completely satisfied with the quality. Indeed, if you think about it carefully, you probably wouldn’t have bought that computer if it was not guaranteed, right?

Services should be no different!

Guaranteeing services, such as professional translation services, is an absoulte must — All translation companies need to step up to the plate & guarantee their services! (In fact, guaranteeing translation services makes good business; however, and, unfortunately, not very many translation companies appreciate this fact.)

Need professional English-to-Japanese translation? Ensure it is guaranteed.

However, a simply guarantee is not enough to ensure you get quality Japanese translation product and service. That is, anyone can simply state “100% Money Back Guarantee”; but does it have teeth? Sure, getting your money back for a flubbed translation job would be great; however, no-one is going to compensate you for your wasted effort and time! Case in point:

“I recently purchased a Surface Pro 4 which I had to return because the screen flicker progressed beyond annoying to unusable. Now, by the time I realize the machine needed to go back, I had already invested 20 days setting up and configuring that computer for my specific work environment. That’s when it struck me – Microsoft (or any manufacturer for that matter) would never compensate me for my wasted investment in effort and time.”

Question, then is, how do you get a translation guarantee with teeth, so that you don’t waste effort and time?

Here’s an example of that kind of guarantee by Translation Services Japan in Tokyo:

  • Guaranteed Human Translation Service
  • Guaranteed Quality Driven Solutions
  • Guaranteed Post Delivery Support
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality and Security
  • Guaranteed Personalized Customer Service

I like this translation guarantee because it not only covers the actual translation work but also covers important issues like confidentiality and customer service (nothing like rotten service to leave a bad after taste even if the product is great!).

The Translation Services Japan guarantee is without a doubt one of the best -if not the best– guarantees I have ever seen in the translation industry – It’s got teeth, real teeth

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