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Understand the meaning of minimalist and applying it

Minimalist refers to minimalist art, or simply minimalism, an artistic trend of the avant-garde that stands out as “less is more.”

Minimalism emerged in the United States during the 1960s and is characterized by the use of essential elements, the economy of resources in their compositions, chromatic simplicity, straight geometry, and simple language.

Minimalism, in English minimal art, was born as a reaction to the excess and reloading of specific artistic manifestations of the moment, particularly pop art or Pop art. From the artistic movement emerges the minimalist style that is distinguished by reducing the objects, forms, and elements on which we work to its most essential expression, seeking the greatest expressiveness with the minimum of resources.

Minimalism, both its language and its philosophy, has been adapted to different forms of art, such as painting, sculpture, literature, and music, but finds its maximum expression in architecture, design, fashion, and art.In this sense, today it is common to find minimalist trends in interior design, architecture and even minimalist tattoos, whose designs seek to reduce everything to its most essential state.

Characteristics of minimalist art

Minimalist art is characterized by its abstraction, working mainly regarding color, lines, surface, and format.

Minimalism as part of the currents of the artistic event – grade emerges as a reaction against the saturation of objects and information about popular culture. In this way, the minimalist concept implies the literal use of materials, austerity in the composition and absence of unnecessary ornaments.

The minimalist artistic current implies purism at a structural and functional level that translates into a general impression of order, where everything is adjusted with simplicity and harmony.

Minimalism, moreover, has been influenced by traditions, which tend to emphasize the simplicity of the natural beauty of objects and the economy of resources.

Minimalist art

Minimalism is an artistic movement that began to develop in the 20th century.Minimalist artists use and appreciate in their works a reduced amount of processes, materials or even thematic, simplifying the job and, sometimes, making it repetitive.The colors and shapes in the minimalist works are minimal and presented with symmetry.

Not only in the plastic arts, but the minimalism exerted considerable influence in several other fields, like the architecture, the design, the industrial design, etc.For many, the minimalist style is related to contemporary sophistication.

Minimalist tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are a hit in contemporary times.They follow the same principles as minimalist art in general: simplicity.Usually, they are small drawings, with few colors and quite discreet, but with deep meanings for the owners.

The Minimalism became the sixties conception of the relationship of the artwork with space presupposed by the sculpture of classical art. Hope now you will be able to define minimalist is a proper way.

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