When to Hire Real Estate Attorneys

When faced with a complicated real estate transaction, hiring an attorney can be very helpful. It is especially true if your real estate dealings are a part of your larger investment portfolio. Many people assume that hiring an agent is enough when you want to conclude a real estate deal. Agents are the ones who will want you to close out the deal, as they stand to gain through a commission. A lawyer is someone who will have your best interests in mind as you go through this process. It is why hiring an attorney is essential in some cases.

One of the first reasons why you may want to hire real estate attorneys is because of state requirements. There are many states in the country where you have to get a lawyer present when you are signing the final documents to conclude the transaction. And in these instances, it is a good idea to visit dicksonlegal.com and other such sites to find lawyers who can help you. Since you are hiring a lawyer for the end of the transaction, it may be a good idea to hire them a bit sooner so they can advise you on the whole process.

When there is no specific requirement that you need to hire an attorney, it is more of a personal decision. If you feel as though you’re dealing with a transaction that is relatively straightforward, you may not care about hiring anyone. But if you are in a situation where you are not sure how the real estate deal will be completed, then you may want to ask a lawyer for some assistance. It is also an issue of budget, as many people try to avoid having to pay a lawyer when they are already spending money on hiring a real estate broker.

We would say that if there is one type of real estate deal where you should always have an attorney, it is a commercial real estate transaction. These cases are very complicated and you can easily make a costly mistake that will damage you in the future. It is much better if you have a lawyer advising you when you are handling this transaction. It will help put you in a place where you are able to get the advice that you need so that you are not making any mistakes before you sign off on the deal.

At the end of the day, you will have to make a judgment call in some cases. If you live in a state where a lawyer is required, we recommend you hire them a few weeks before you are going to be signing the paperwork to conclude your real estate deal. It will give your lawyer enough time to look over everything related to the transaction. In other instances, it will be up to you to make a call on whether you need to hire an attorney or not. But it is always better if you do have a lawyer present.

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